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Specializing in only Gas heater maintenance and servicing, Co2 testing, Gas wall furnace and Room sealed space heater installations, Split system installations and fast like for like Central ducted heaters and Hot water service replacements.


GeelongAir has been owned and operated by Luke Vrtacic since 2014. Luke is a licensed and fully insured Plumber  with over 10 years experience in his field.

Luke relies on a business model of  quality work and affordable prices with no shortcuts.

Dont risk your safety and waste your time and money on untrained and unlicensed tradesman call Luke at GeelongAir.

Dont Ignore Negative pressure!


Negative air pressure in a home becomes dangerous if you have a open flued gas appliance in your home, which include wall furnaces space heaters, some ducted heaters installed in cupboards and hot water services installed inside.. 

Negative pressure can be caused by your exhaust fans and kitchen range hoods.

The fans pull the air from your home out and into your roof space. If your fans require more air then your home allows air will be pulled from any direct outlet from outside to inside. This is usually the flue on your open flued gas appliance as it is a direct outlet to outside air. If your unit is running while this happens then you will get all the products of combustion getting pulled back down your flue and into your home. A very dangerous situation.

GeelongAir test for negative pressure before every service or installation of a natural flued appliance, It is our policy that we will not service or install any units that have a negative pressure environment. We will recommend isolating the appliance and suggest installation of a room sealed space heater.

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly odourless gas that can be released into your home by poorly maintained gas heaters.


All Gas heater Servicing and safety tests are only between $120-150 dont put it off get it done.


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